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Children’s Voice

At Magical Tree we believe that listening to children is key to providing a quality practice.

Children’s Voice

Activity and environment planning

At Magical Tree we believe that listening to children is key to providing a quality practice. The children in over 3’s are given the opportunity to plan their own curriculum as part of their small group times. This is called a children’s planning meeting and occurs every three weeks. The children conduct a meeting with a team member and discuss imaginative and creative ideas for learning. The themes that the children have explored can vary from fairies, to superheroes, to dinosaurs its forever changing and the children love to see their ideas and suggestions come to life. The themes that the children suggest are then created into areas of learning from a fairies garden to a jungle to caves. The team and the children really enjoy creating interesting areas of learning, this enables the children to be focussed and engaged so their overall development flourishes.

The children are also able to express their ideas and suggestions on a daily basis for example deciding which activity they would like to play in magical free flow time.

Snack and meal time planning

We like to give the children the opportunity to discuss and inform us of their likes of a variety of different foods. The chef makes a new menu every season and this is a great time to ask the children what they would like on the menu. The chef also asks the parents for ideas too.

We like the children to have choice so on the menu there is always two snacks to choose from so the children have the opportunity to state which type they would like. The children also like to get involved with making the snack too.

Show and Tell

Show and tell group time is a great opportunity for children to bring items of interest into the nursery from home. The children are then given the opportunity to speak about their item whilst their friends all listen to what the item is and what it does. This boost’s their confidence so they feel valued and have a sense of pride.


Makaton is a language programme designed to provide a means of communication to people who may not communicate efficiently by speaking. The children are taught 10 core signs alongside spoken words such as milk, water, please and thank you. This encourages their communication and language skills.

Children’s voice as they go to school

We like to ask the children how they have found their nursery experience. This gives them the opportunity to tell us their likes, events that they have enjoyed and if there is anything that they would change if they could.

Please see children’s leaving comments below. (Please click on an image to enlarge)

  • lily Child’s Name: Lily
    Age: 51 Months
    “I’m saying Please and thank
    you to my friends”
  • frank Child’s Name: Frank
    Age: 46 Months
    “I’m planting some carrots”
  • zachary Child’s Name: Zachary
    Age: 53 Months
    “I’m riding fast on the scooter”
  • lacey Child’s Name: Lacey
    Age: 57 Months
    “I am making a cake with eggs”
  • katie Child’s Name: Katie
    Age: 49 Months
    “Me and my friends playing
    Mr Wolf”
  • jessica Child’s Name: Jessica
    Age: 57 Months
    “Im pushing the dolly around
    in the pram”
  • maya Child’s Name: Maya
    Age: 53 Months
    “Me and my teacher painting with
    lots of different colours”
  • ethan Child’s Name: Ethan
    Age: 46 Months
    “Playing at Wacky Warehouse with my friends and teachers”

We also provide a Transition Document which informs parents and teachers of every child’s strengths and weaknesses and will form a picture of the child along with a summary of their learning and development stages. This document is then given to the parents and the teacher of the school. Every child is asked their thoughts on the nursery experience.

For the younger children in the nursery we observe the children in activities and can see if the children are engaged and interested in an activity, the team then discuss these activities and repeat and extend them so that the children are always learning something new and exciting, therefore encouraging their overall development.

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