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Outings, Trips and Visits

We pride ourselves on our high standards of menus and healthy choices for the children in our care.

Outings, Trips and Visits

At Magical Tree we love to go out and about in our local community. The team ask the children and parents about local places of interest and where they would like to go. We then plan outings as regular as we can to ensure that all children have the opportunity to explore their local community and environment.

The nursery operates very high standards above the requirements in ratios on outings. Our ratios are 1 adult to 1 year old child, 1 adult to 2 children for 2-3 year olds and 1 adult to 3 children for 3-5 year olds. All outings have a full risk assessment carried out before the outing or trip occurs. All team members are briefed on these before taking the children on any outings. The nursery team are 100% first aid trained.

Outing to local Farm

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After exploring a theme about farm animals the team celebrated the end of this project with an outing to a farm. The children were very excited to go and see a real farm with animals and a Farmer. The team worked in partnership with a local farm to ensure the best experience for the children. The children had a wonderful time with stroking the animals such as horses, sheep and cows. A real treat was the opportunity to look at a big tractor and see the farmer milking the cows. The children also had the opportunity to feed the lambs. A good day out was had by all.

A parents comment about this trip

“It was great that the children had the opportunity to stroke the animals and feed them. We haven’t visited a farm as yet so it was really nice that the nursery could take my child. She hasn’t stopped talking about it she really enjoyed-Thank you.”

Visits to the nursery

Peppa Pig and George

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  • peppa-pig3

Many of the children know and love the Characters Peppa Pig and George so we at Magical Tree decided that we would give the children the opportunity to meet them here in the nursery so that they could experience this great occasion with their friends.

Peppa Pig and George greeted the children with high fives, waves and hugs. They then performed a dance and sang some nursery rhymes with the children joining in. A delightful healthy tea was provided for the children and Peppa Pig and George stayed to enjoy this with the children. The children taught them both how to say please and thank you using Makaton signs. After all of this excitement both Peppa Pig and George left but they have promised that they will visit Magical Tree Nursery very soon. All the children including the babies really enjoyed this visit and the older children spoke about this experience a lot to their parents and all of their family members.

Lily’s comment aged 3 years 4 months old.

‘It’s was great that Peppa and George came to my nursery. They were great at dancing. I showed them how to say please using the Makaton.’

Outing to the local Park

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  • local-park2
  • local-park3

The local Park is just 5 minutes’ walk away so on a very regular basis the children walk up holding hands with their friends and team members and off they go to explore the facilities there. The children especially like this experience as they sing songs on the way to and from the Park and whilst there they are able to experience this with their friends and their peers. Due to our regular visits the children have become very confident in their ability to use the climbing frame, they love the opportunity to go on the round-about going both fast and slow and high and low on the swings. All team members are there to assist every child with the equipment enabling each child’s awareness and confidence to grow.

View from a parent

“My child has really become confident on the slide-something that he wasn’t beforehand. I think it’s great that the nursery have regular outings to the Park.”

Burnley FC Player visits the nursery

  • burnley-player1
  • burnley-player2
  • burnley-player3

The nursery is part of the By Official Appointment part of Burnley FC. Due to this partnership we are able to work in collaboration in a variety of different ways. The nursery team help to support community days that the football club hold with face painting and other fun session activities. We have an annual visit from a Burnley FC football player which both the children and parents enjoy. It’s a great opportunity for autographs, photos and a one to one chat with the player.

Annual Burnley FC Players Escort for the day prize.

Working with the parents and families that are part of the nursery and local schools we run an annual drawing competition. The winner has the opportunity to then become a Burnley Player Escort for the day. This is a great opportunity for Burnley Junior Fans to experience this fantastic prize and experience. This year’s winner was Louis………. Louis is a sibling of one of the children that attends the nursery. Louis and the whole family enjoyed a free day out at Turf Moor to see and be part of this amazing and unique experience.

Outing to Children’s Centre Sensory Centre

Being part of the nurseries local Children Centre is paramount to the care and education of all our children and families. We use the local facilities to promote sensory play by using there wonderful sensory room. The children really like the opportunity to try out new and exciting equipment.

Outing to Wacky Warehouse

  • wacky-warehouse1
  • wacky-warehouse2
  • wacky-warehouse3

We love to take the children on educational outings and extend their intellectual development however we also like to give children the opportunity for physical challenges too. On our visit to Wacky Warehouse the team play alongside the children and play games so that all the children are engaged. The children also really like the opportunity to show their confidence and ability in climbing and large physical development in a safe environment.

Outing to the Local Library

  • library1

The children really like to explore books in this environment. The team read to the children whilst on the visit and on many occasions the nursery will join in with the libraries reading sessions. The children really enjoy the walk to the library as the team will discuss all about the local environment: what can you hear? What can we see?

Environment walk

Can you see any shapes? Can we see any leaves? What’s that noise? These are just a few of the questions that the team ask the children on the nursery termly environment walk. The children gain so much from these sessions as they are in small groups and their ability to answer key questions is outstanding. The children gain great experiences from these especially about the different seasons.


  • Ofsted Graded Good
  • Food Hygiene Rating
  • Step Into Quality
  • Children's Food Trust
  • By Offical Appointment
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