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Typical day for your child

We pride ourselves on the exciting, enchanting and inspirational activities and events.

Typical day for your child

At Magical Tree we pride ourselves on the exciting, enchanting and inspirational activities and events that we provide for all of the children in our care. We provide well thought out, educational and purposeful activities that will stimulate and engage every child’s learning and provide a foundation for their overall development and to maximise their full potential.

Our magical days

What should your child expect from attending Magical Tree Nursery?

On entering the nursery every child and family is greeted by our friendly and enthusiastic team. We ask key questions to your child such as how are you today? Would you like to play a game? Or would you like to listen to this story? We also ask you the parent key questions about both your child and yourself in friendly yet professional manner.

Your child is then asked to join in with their friends and peers in an activity which varies depending on time of arrival. It can be to join in with singing time, breakfast time or story time. Once your child has said goodbye to you with a smile they are then ready for their magical adventure to begin…

The nursery day starts with story time which then leads into our breakfast time.

At breakfast time your child will be given a choice of healthy and varied selection of cereals, fruit and toast. This is a great social opportunity for both children and the team as each team member is sat around the table explaining which magical activities that they have on offer but also asking individual questions to the children about their own interests such as do you likes fairies? Do you think we may see or hear one today? After Breakfast each child is encouraged to use their independence skills by washing their hands and face with a flannel, the team are there to help assist. After breakfast time it is then circle time.

At circle time the children in the over 3’s are given lovely games to play which encourages them to have a voice, we complete our daily register and talk about seasons, what day it is and the weather. We then discuss what activities they would like to play with. The children then line up mostly as a train and walk around the nursery stopping off at the activity that they would mostly like to play with. This section of the day is called free flow. The team are positioned in areas so that every child is encouraged and engaged in all activities.

The children aged 2-3’s circle time is a music and movement session where we encourage dancing, listening to music and warming up our body ready for our magical day of activities. We use a large varied selection of music from, Jazz to classical, allowing the children to express themselves through large and small body movements. After their morning warm up it is time to explore the free flow areas.

After breakfast the under 2’s children in the nursery set off to explore in the sand, water, book and construction areas. The team have also created a relaxing sensory area to investigate, a home area and there is a focused activity set up on the child level table which changes throughout the day and is child initiated. Within this time the under 2’s may also enjoy bubble time or story time through our range of books we provide including, material, electronic, information and picture.

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