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Parents Voice

We provide a variety of different formats to communicate with you the parent.

Parents Voice

Working in partnership with parents is our driving force to helping us design and deliver a quality service.

We provide a variety of different formats to communicate with you the parent.

Daily Verbal Feedback

We provide effective daily feedback discussing the type of activities that your child has been exploring that day, demonstrate how we observe and plan for your child’s overall development and cater for their individual interests. We discuss our healthy meals and snacks and what fun activities your child has played with that day.

Parents have stated that our daily feedback is just one of the nursery strengths with all the team being friendly and professional.

Communication Books

In the nursery Under 2’s room the team write all the events of the day into your child’s personal communication book. We give information on how your child has slept, what they have eaten and what fun activities that they have been exploring. We suggest that parents are also able to write in these books to inform us of what exciting things you may have done over the weekend or at an evening. All of the parents find this a great resource and say it’s a nice keep sake of their child’s lovely days at Magical Tree.


Every term the nursery produces a newsletter, this is a formative letter to make sure that all parents are up to date with nursery events that we hold. Please see news for our latest newsletter.

Suggestion and Ideas Box

We offer a suggestion and ideas box for parents to write things that they may like to see at the nursery. We are always happy to hear from parents and as we received an ‘Outstanding’ in continuous improvement from Ofsted we like to do just that by hearing from you. So please feel free to add a suggestion or idea.

Learning Journeys

The nursery team are totally committed in creating excellent learning journeys for all children. We ask that parents are involved with these to by asking you to bring in photos that you may like to include in this such as a family wedding or a visit to the Zoo. We also ask you to update information on our ‘All about Me’ information. Every child’s development flourishes and we like to keep up to date with what your child’s likes are at home.

Review meeting

Once your child starts at magical tree we offer a three monthly review meeting. This is an informal discussion about your child’s development and to answer any questions that you may have in regards to our practice. It is an opportunity to meet with your child’s key person and to look at your child’ learning journey. Many parents have found these meetings beneficial.

Parent Management Board

We host a Parent Management Board every term and everyone is welcome to join in. This event is held in an evening so that working parents can also attend. We have really dedicated parents that come along to give ideas, suggestions and feedback in regards to the events that we hold here at Magical Tree Nursery. Great partnerships have formed and parent relationships have flourished from these meetings.

If you would like to join us at the next meeting please feel free, we provide light refreshments and create a happy atmosphere. So we hope to see you there. For further details please see news.

Mums Group

Mum’s club is a great opportunity to talk to other Mum’s in an environment that is friendly and relaxing. It occurs every term and what we do is up to you. We have a suggestion box that we encourage Mums to comment on what activities that they would like to do.

The past events have been very successful and feedback has been extremely positive.

“It’s a great way to have a social evening with adult conversation. It’s was really great, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next event.”

Ashton’s Mum

If you are interested to get involved please view the nursery new for further details.

Dads Group

The nursery Dads Club meets up every term. They embark on a range of activities that they themselves have suggested.

One of these events was a ‘Pub Quiz’

The night was a great success with the Dad’s Club team named ‘Top of the Tree’ coming a Magical 20th Out of 48.

The Dad’s knowledge was tested on the topic ‘The Best of British’ this included general knowledge questions, identifying music and authors and also identifying Great British Food.

One of our lucky dad’s was also chosen to take part in a wheel of fortunes game where he did the team proud and won lots of exciting prizes!!

The event was a great opportunity for Dad’s coming together and talk about various topics, including football, their children and well all things manly!

Please look at the news section for details of when and what the next event is.

We hope to see you there.

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