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Positive Behaviour Management

We encourage communication in a variety of methods, our most effective method is through small group times.

Positive Behaviour Management

At Magical Tree Nurseries we believe that every child is an individual with their own needs, personalities and characteristics. We therefore make it our settings ethos to make sure; we understand and support feelings and emotions and make sure they are talked about both in groups and individually.

We encourage communication in a variety of methods; our most effective method is through small group times. These sessions encourage every child to have a better understanding of themselves and others. Another method that we value is small world play, as it is vital for helping to express feelings and emotions, as educators listen alongside giving explanations.

The key to positive behaviour is for the adult to have a good understanding of what is expected of children of their age and stage. Good effective communication is better than negative tones and the saying ‘No’ approach. Here at Magical Tree we encourage children’s positive behaviours by celebrating their achievements via verbal recognition alongside giving them opportunity to be ‘the helper’ or choosing a fun activity for free flow.

If a child is displaying negative behaviour the team work together and deal with the situation as it occurs. Throughout the situation we approach calmly, acknowledge feelings, gather information, restate the problem, ask for solutions and choose one together, and then be prepared to give follow up support.

In addition we praise the children regularly with verbal praise, stickers, high 5’s and a chance to wear the nursery very special ‘positive hat’

We highly value working in partnership with all parents and we encourage parents to come and talk to us about your child and any concerns that you may have. We are here to help and support.

Daily feedback is given to share which activities your child has been playing with that day and a great opportunity to discuss any difficulties that you may be facing in regards to your child’s development. All of the nursery team are knowledgeable about a number of topics from weaning, to toilet training to dealing with negative behaviour. Advice and support will be given at any time.

At the nursery we like to book one to one meetings with parents if either parties are a little concerned regarding any aspects of your child’s development. These meetings are an informal opportunity to discuss concerns and discuss methods of how to approach the current issue with a positive outlook.

The nursery works in partnership with different professionals such as speech and language theorist and the local Children Centres to help and support families.

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