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Benefits of Play

Our magical environment creates a space so that your child is able to use their imagination and express themselves.

Benefits of Play

What are the Benefits of Play?

Our magical environment creates a space so that your child is able to use their imagination, express themselves and that enables their overall development to flourish and grow. It gives opportunity to encourage concentration, abstract thinking, and an opportunity for them to play in a stimulating and happy environment.

Within all our areas of learning (please see areas of learning to see the children interacting with our toys and equipment), we work hard to make sure that your child has the opportunity to learn alongside their friends and peers in activities that they enjoy and that will help them to progress.

Here are just some of the benefits of play for your child. To see a typical day at the nursery please click here.

For the Under 2’s

Treasure Baskets

The sensory treasure baskets that our team have created inspire enjoyment, relaxation and fun learning! It allows your child time to concentrate, imagine and widen their vocabulary. This area heightens the children’s sensory skills and provides opportunity for story telling. The children love to explore with their hands, feet and mouths. We provide a large selection of treasure baskets from wooden to metal objects. All children like to play games with the treasure baskets such as hide and seek and peek-a-boo. The children explore this type of play in free flow and in group times. This play encourages their physical, personal, social and emotional development, their communication and language skills.

Messy Play

The children really like to get messy, mucky and get involved in all of the messy play activities that we offer. We provide corn flour, jelly, pasta play and much more; this encourages your child’s physical, communication and personal, social and emotional development. It’s a great opportunity to get mucky in a happy and stimulating environment.

Music and Movement

Many of the children enjoy to ‘bop’ to the music, we provide a large variety of music for them to create a variety of different moods. With lots of resources such as ribbons and instruments which encourage your child’s personal, social and emotional development.

Story time

The children really enjoy their one to one time and group time reading sessions. This stimulates their communication and language skills, personal, social and emotional skills alongside their physical development.

Outdoor Play

We encourage all children to explore our outdoor areas as this stimulates the large and small motor skills and enables them to take on new developmental challenges such as the slide and the tyres. Fresh air is key to enable every child’s overall development to flourish.

Group Times

Friendship Time
This stimulates their social skills as they are able to interact with their peers. This helps to support and encourage their language skills as well as stimulating their personal, social and emotional development.

For the Over 2’s

Within the nursery we have different areas of play.

The nursery has large open rooms with lots of natural light and high ceilings so that the children develop a sense of space. The children are able to engage with lots of different activities throughout the day. The nursery team take great pride in the toys and equipment and how it is organised. The nursery is well structured in its layout as we consider how the children would like to play and create a sense of calm whilst having fun.

What are the benefits of the activities and areas of learning that we have created?

Sand, Water and Messy Play

Within the sand/water and messy area the children thoroughly enjoy ‘getting messy’ exploring shaving foam, jelly, gloop and pasta and many more. This area of learning provides the children with the opportunity to practice their co-operation and turn taking skills, social interaction, gross and fine motor skills. The ‘messy area’ encourages the children to explore and discover with the nursery team. We use a wide variety of language to enhance children’s knowledge and to learn new words and try out new things.

Creative Area

With sticking and painting on offer to the children throughout the day the children really enjoy creating their own piece of art. The benefits are that they are able to express their personal, social and emotional development; they have the opportunity to become aware of a vast range of creative products and feel a sense of achievement when they have completed a picture to go home.

Maths and Problem Solving

The maths and problem solving area allows children to master new concepts and experiment. It gives children the chance to persist in their activities and extend what they are learning. It also aids the children in their communication as they talk to each other about their learning experiences.

Home Area

Our home area initiates self-help skills, self expressions and empathy. It is an area which provides a meaningful context for children to learn new concepts and skills. The children also enjoy dressing up and role playing in this area, using their imagination to be princesses or police officers; this stimulates the children’s learning of their local environment such as emergency services.

Book Area

The cosy book area provides the opportunity for enjoyment, relaxation and abstract thinking. We offer all types of books from picture and information to cookery and electronic. These broaden the children’s minds and provide opportunities for collaborative learning with adults and peers. The children are also able to make up their own stories which enables children to express their imaginations and encourages language as new words maybe introduced.

Outdoors Areas

Magical Tree’s outdoor area provides two types of learning environments for the children.

The children enjoy a large open space where they can use bikes, scooters and tractors to develop their large motor skills. The children are able to extend their physical awareness and development in a safe environment. Ring games are created by our professional team of nursery nurses such as ‘ring a ring a roses to what time is it Mr. Wolf’. This enables each child to interact with their peers to develop their personal, social and emotional development. The children explore both sand and water as well as jigsaws and problem solving puzzles.

We provide a sensory garden which gives the children chance to enjoy planting, exploring in the mud and time in our ‘explorers hut’! The outdoor area encourages the children to experiment and take reasonable risks in a safe environment. This enables each child to be aware of their natural environment and to develop their understanding of how things grow and what is their purpose for this.

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